in 2023: Is it the Ultimate AI Writing Tool for Marketing?

Explore our comprehensive review of is an AI-powered writing tool that boasts the capability to produce top-notch marketing content within seconds. However, is this claim too good to be believed?

To ascertain its efficacy, we took for a test drive ourselves. Subsequently, we've crafted this extensive review to divulge our findings.

Henceforth, we'll delve into everything you should understand about this groundbreaking platform. Our coverage will encompass its key features, highlight major advantages and disadvantages, delve into pricing details, and more.

What is stands out as a premier AI-driven writing software in today's market.

With a user base exceeding 4 million marketing professionals and teams, serves as a go-to solution for streamlining marketing endeavors and enhancing copy creation speed and quality.

At its core, operates on the principle of minimizing content creation from scratch. Instead, users simply specify the desired content type (e.g., emails, social media posts, long-form blog content, digital ad copy, etc.) and provide contextual cues regarding the intended focus.

The AI content generator then constructs the content, allowing users to refine it further using the platform's built-in editor before publishing.

A key advantage of lies in its versatility, offering an expansive array of over 90 diverse templates. These templates cover a wide spectrum of content needs, including specialized ones such as keyword research and topic ideation. Consequently, users can leverage not only for content creation but also for strategic content planning. Furthermore, the platform provides tools to assist with SEO optimization and outreach campaigns, enhancing its utility across various marketing facets.

What features does offer? boasts unparalleled versatility among AI writing tools, offering an extensive array of features that surpass the scope of a single article.

With over 90 tools available, users can select from a wide range of functionalities tailored to their specific needs.

Rather than conducting a comprehensive trial of every tool, we focused on testing some of the platform's standout features, including:

  • Blog Post Wizard
  • Blog Ideas Generator
  • Keyword Generator
  • Instagram Captions Creator
  • Freestyle AI Generator
  • Product Descriptions
  • Crazy YouTube Ideas

These highlighted tools represent some of's most sought-after functionalities, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the platform's capabilities. To begin, let's delve into an exploration of the primary dashboard.


Upon logging into, users land on their Workspace, serving as the central hub for managing ongoing projects and facilitating team collaboration.

Efficient organization is achievable through the creation of multiple folders dedicated to distinct campaigns and projects. Simply initiate a new folder by selecting “Create Folder” and assigning an appropriate name.

Located on the left sidebar, users can seamlessly invite team members to join their workspace, enhancing collaborative efforts.

Positioned above this sidebar, a comprehensive menu showcases an array of templates and tools categorized according to their functionalities.

Given the multitude of options available, let's commence by exploring the functionalities of the Blog Post Wizard.

Blog Post Wizard

The Blog Post Wizard within stands out as a remarkable tool, capable of generating an entire initial draft of a blog post within minutes.

To initiate this process, access the Blog Post Wizard from the main dashboard. This opens a window where you input the title/topic of your blog, relevant keywords, and select a desired tone. Once set, click “Generate Outline.”

03 Add Details

In our trial, we tasked with crafting a blog post titled ‘Top 5 things to do in Tokyo' in an Adventurous tone. Shortly after, presented a comprehensive outline for the blog post, complete with relevant subheadings (H2s) filled in. The generated outline effectively adhered to the listicle format, featuring genuinely popular activities in Tokyo.

Even if the initial outline didn't meet expectations, users can easily click ‘Regenerate All' for a different iteration. We experimented with this feature and obtained an entirely different set of activities in the outline, showcasing the tool's versatility in content generation.

For those seeking a more elaborate structure, the ‘Generate More' function allows for expanding the outline. Users can reorder, edit, or add subheadings as needed before proceeding.

Upon clicking ‘Generate Talking Points,' populates each section of the outline with talking points, neatly listed as bullet points. Users retain the option to regenerate, expand, edit, or add more points according to their requirements.

Opting to use the outline as a basis for manual writing saves substantial time. However, by clicking ‘Create Content,' crafts the entire post following the outline. While the output is impressive considering its AI origin, it might contain inaccuracies and awkward sentences. Editing options allow for quick refinement or complete regeneration of sections.

04 Generated outline example a

The interface displays word count, character count, and readability score, providing insights into the content's complexity.

Once satisfied with the draft, users can click ‘Create Blog Post' to finalize it in the editor. The toolbar offers formatting options, including image and hyperlink integration. Export options enable printing or saving the content as a .docx file.

Blog Ideas Generator

Now, let's delve into exploring the functionality of the Blog Ideas Generator within

09 Create Blog post

This tool is designed to generate a curated list of potential blog post topics relevant to a specific niche, serving as a valuable asset for content marketing strategy planning.

Here's how to utilize it effectively:

Access the Blog Ideas section within the Blog Tools menu on the left-hand sidebar of the dashboard area. Input your brand name, provide a concise description of your brand or product, and select the desired tone for your content.

10 Blog post example a

In our trial, we employed details related to StartupBonsai to test the tool's functionality. However, the suggestions generated weren't quite aligned with our blog's content theme, possibly due to StartupBonsai's broader scope without a specific product focus.

Understanding that this tool might function more effectively for generating blog post ideas geared towards promoting a specific product, we conducted another test using an imaginary fitness band product. This attempt resulted in more suitable suggestions, better aligned with a company blog aimed at promoting a fitness band product.

Should a particular idea catch your interest, you have the option to copy it to the editor or save it for future reference. Additionally, clicking ‘More Like This' next to any suggestion generates additional related topics for exploration.

12 Blog post example b

Keyword Generator

The Keyword Generator in is a valuable tool similar to the blog idea generator, but it focuses on suggesting specific search terms that align with your audience's interests. For those aiming to enhance organic traffic through SEO, this tool proves highly beneficial.

13 Keyword generator

To initiate, navigate to the Keyword Generator within the Blog Tools section on the sidebar.

After selecting the Keyword Generator, input a seed keyword, representing the topic you intend to cover, and proceed by clicking ‘Create Content.'

In our trial, we used ‘dog harness' as the seed keyword and received a list of suggested keywords from While the suggestions provided some viable ideas, there was noticeable repetition and seemingly arbitrary grouping of keywords. Additionally, doesn't furnish any keyword metrics such as search volume or competition, limiting its utility for devising an SEO or content strategy. Consequently, it falls short as a comprehensive keyword research tool.

Despite these limitations, the tool might still hold value in specific scenarios. For instance, if one already knows the intended blog post topic and seeks a quick set of keywords to enhance content visibility, this tool could serve that purpose by generating keywords for inclusion within the content.

Instagram Captions Creator

Subsequently, we explored the Instagram Captions Generator within—a favored tool among social media marketers and influencers seeking to expedite the posting process. Rather than crafting captions from scratch for every post, offers an efficient solution.

15 Instagram captions generator

To begin, navigate to the Social Media Tools section and select Instagram Captions from your dashboard.

Once in the tool, input a few words to convey the essence of your post and specify the desired tone.

During our test, we tasked with generating captions for an Instagram post showcasing vacation photos to promote a brand of sandals. The generated captions were surprisingly authentic, capturing the desired tone with finesse. Notably, some captions even incorporated emojis and hashtags.

The authenticity and appropriateness of the generated captions showcase's prowess in this domain. It's evident why this tool remains a popular choice, given its ability to produce engaging and fitting captions tailored for Instagram posts.

Freestyle AI Generator

The Freestyle tool within serves as a versatile AI writing template, offering complete flexibility to generate various types of content.

To commence, access the Freestyle tool from the Writing Tools dropdown menu.

Once inside the tool, provide context to guide in understanding the specific content you wish to generate.

During our trial, we tasked with creating an email announcing a hypothetical new product launch, providing pertinent details. The generated content reflected the provided brief, offering several well-aligned options, impressively meeting the requirements.

The tool's ability to produce content aligned with the given context showcases its adaptability and accuracy, leaving us thoroughly impressed with its capabilities.

19 Freestyle Content

Product Descriptions

Our exploration continued with the Product Descriptions Generator, easily accessible from the left-hand sidebar.

For this trial, we maintained consistency by utilizing the same fictional product, FitMirror, and opted for a Persuasive tone.

The generated descriptions provided by showcased a remarkable ability to fill in the details despite no explicit instructions regarding the workings of the hypothetical product. Notably, the descriptions highlighted features such as the utilization of ‘bioimpedance sensors' to analyze body composition, demonstrating an impressive ability to extrapolate and craft fitting details.

Crazy YouTube Ideas

In addition to written content, extends its assistance in generating ideas for video content suitable for your brand's YouTube channel.

To start, access the Crazy YouTube Ideas generator found within the Social Media Tools menu on the sidebar. Enter a concise description of your product/brand.

Upon clicking ‘Create Content,' generates a range of potential video title ideas for consideration.

In our test, the results varied in quality. Some suggestions appeared promising, potentially suited for engaging and viral content, such as ‘placing a fitness mirror in a public space to encourage community fitness.' However, there were also less favorable ideas, exemplified by certain titles that might not align well with the intended content or brand.

The algorithm used by for generating YouTube ideas isn't infallible. However, by sifting through the options, there's potential to uncover worthwhile concepts for video content.

How much does cost? offers two straightforward subscription plans: Free and Pro.

The Free plan is cost-free and provides access to all 90+ copywriting tools and templates. However, users are limited to generating up to 2,000 words per month. This plan allows for unlimited projects and includes a single-user seat.

On the other hand, the Pro plan starts at $36 per month for annual billing. It encompasses all features available in the Free plan, with added perks such as access to over 25 languages, the latest features, and unrestricted word generation capacity.

New users signing up for the Free Plan receive a 7-day free trial of the Pro Plan, enabling exploration of the full functionality without limitations during the initial week.

For organizations requiring 20 or more seats, offers the option to discuss custom plans and request a demo to accommodate larger team requirements.

Final thoughts

While's AI writer consistently performed admirably, especially for short-form content, it's important to note that it doesn't entirely substitute content crafted by an experienced writer.

Although the content generated by surpasses many other AI writing tools, it typically requires human editing and refinement before publishing. However, leveraging can significantly reduce the workload for your team and expedite the content creation process. Additionally, it serves as a helpful tool to overcome writer's block by kickstarting ideas.

If you're undecided, it's worth giving a try. The platform offers a free plan that doesn't require a credit card for sign-up. This trial period allows firsthand experience to gauge its effectiveness before committing. Simply click the button below to begin your trial.

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