Assessing Frase 2023: AI Writer & Optimization Tool – Is It Worth It?

Frase stands out as an exceptional content optimization and AI writing tool, particularly tailored for content creators, entrepreneurs, marketers, and collaborative teams.

However, we won't just tell you—it's all about showing you. This comprehensive review will delve into Frase's full spectrum of features, providing a hands-on exploration of its user interface. We'll engage with its AI capabilities and provide visual demonstrations through screenshots, allowing you to witness Frase's potential firsthand.

Moreover, we'll delve into the platform's strengths and weaknesses, pricing structures, and various aspects to give you a comprehensive view.

By the conclusion of this article, you'll possess all the insights needed to formulate your judgment on whether Frase aligns with your specific requirements.

What is Frase?

At its core, Frase operates as an inclusive AI writer and content enhancement tool, leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence to expedite the creation of top-notch content.

Its AI-driven writer and content editor significantly reduce the time spent on content creation, harnessing AI's prowess to craft high-quality materials swiftly. Moreover, Frase's SEO toolkit aids in uncovering keywords, optimizing content, and bolstering SERP rankings, thereby amplifying organic traffic.

Formerly relying on its proprietary AI model, Frase transitioned to utilizing OpenAI's GPT-3 model, marking a significant improvement in content quality. The integration with GPT-3 enables Frase to generate content resembling human-written material within seconds, presenting a remarkable enhancement in versatility and content types it can handle while ensuring 100% uniqueness.

Beyond content creation, Frase extends its utility to marketers by offering insights, analytics, and a customizable, potent chatbot called Frase Answers.

In our exploration of Frase's features, we'll delve deeper into these functionalities and more, unveiling the extent of its capabilities.

What features does Frase offer?

Frase's Array of Features

Frase boasts an extensive suite of features that surpasses many of its competitors. Some key highlights include:

  • AI writer
  • 30+ native AI templates
  • 100+ community AI templates
  • Custom AI tool builder
  • Editing tools for rewriting, shortening, expanding, etc.
  • Content Editor assisted by AI for research and writing
  • Optimization tool offering keyword suggestions, content scoring, etc.
  • AI outlines/briefs
  • SEO tools
  • Chatbot capabilities
  • Custom chatbot builder (Frase Answers)

How to Get Started on Frase

  1. Upon logging into Frase, you'll land on the dashboard, serving as your launchpad into the platform.
  2. Navigate through the side menu to access various AI and SEO tools while managing your projects from the Documents page.
  3. To initiate a new project, head to the Documents page and click on “New Document.” Here, you can opt to create a fresh article or import existing content for optimization.
  4. Enter your target keyword in the “Target Search Query” field—Frase will use this to provide optimization tips for ranking purposes. Choose your desired language for content creation.
  5. For organizational purposes, select a folder to save the project. In the “Advanced Settings,” specify whether Frase should analyze the top 20 Google results or a specific domain for optimization insights.
  6. Finally, click “Create Document” to access the Content Editor and begin crafting your content efficiently.

Content Editor

04 AI replace

The Content Editor within Frase is truly remarkable, showcasing one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the industry and delivering exceptional performance.

Utilizing the main window, users can commence writing and effortlessly format the text, insert images, and perform other editing actions using the toolbar, akin to the functionalities offered in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

On the right-hand side, an array of valuable AI-driven workflow tools augment the content creation process, facilitating a swift and efficient content crafting experience.

These AI-powered tools include an assortment of research tools, serving as a great starting point for content ideation and creation.

Research tools

Frase offers a powerful feature that involves analyzing the top 20 search results associated with your target keyword. This analysis empowers users by providing comprehensive research insights and optimization tips to inform their content creation process.

Within the content editor, accessing the Research tab grants access to a list of top-ranking competitor articles along with their respective headers utilized within the content.

Users have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate these headers into their content by simply clicking the adjacent icon, and swiftly incorporating them into their page for further editing.

Moreover, the Research window showcases crucial metrics like recommended word count, images, headers, and links based on Frase's SERP analysis. Adhering closely to these recommendations improves the likelihood of achieving higher search query rankings.

Two noteworthy features in the Research window include:

Content Brief Generator: By clicking “Automate Content Brief,” Frase generates a comprehensive brief derived from SERP analysis for the target keyword. This detailed brief serves as a guiding framework, offering guidelines, topic clusters, suggested questions, statistics, and hyperlink recommendations to aid content creation efforts.

06 Insert brief

SERP Visualizer: Clicking “Visualize SERP Metrics” allows users to evaluate competitor articles ranking for the target keyword on Google. This feature presents valuable metrics such as word count, topic score, domain rating, headings count, and their respective ranking positions. This visual representation aids in competitive analysis, facilitating better content planning strategies.

07 Serp visualizer

AI-powered editing tools

Utilize Frase's AI-powered editing tools while crafting content within the editor to enhance and refine it effectively.

When selecting any text within the editor, a toolbar emerges, offering various AI-powered options that can significantly aid content refinement.

For instance, the “Expand” dropdown menu provides a remarkable feature. Opting for “Write about this” prompts Frase to analyze the highlighted content and generate additional sentences or paragraphs to further elaborate on the topic. This automatic expansion by Frase not only aligns with the original writing's tone but also delivers on-topic content, providing a succinct and accurate answer. The generated content blends seamlessly, displaying coherence that could easily pass as human-authored.

Moreover, the “Expand” tool offers additional functionalities. Choosing “Insert Transition” instructs Frase to include another paragraph starting with a specified transition word, resulting in convincing and well-written output.

Apart from the “Expand” tool, Frase facilitates content rewriting effortlessly. This feature proves handy for refreshing existing content or creating unique versions inspired by competitor articles.

To initiate the rewriting process, simply highlight the text and select “Rewrite.” Then, opt for rewriting either sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph according to your preference.

AI writing templates

Frase's AI extends beyond aiding in content editing; it's adept at generating SEO-optimized content from scratch.

Creating optimized content is hassle-free with Frase's AI. Users can choose a template, input instructions, and let Frase handle the rest.

To access Frase's AI writing templates, you can directly navigate to the AI Write tab within the content editor or access it from the main dashboard by clicking on AI Tools.

These AI templates cover a wide spectrum of content types, including article drafts, blog post introductions, bullet point answers, explanations, how-to posts, Instagram captions, meta descriptions, product descriptions, Quora answers, listicle title ideas, YouTube video ideas, and more.

Although it's impossible to cover all these templates comprehensively in one review, let's explore a couple of them to provide an overview of how Frase's AI writer functions: a long-form template and a short-form template.

Long-Short form content generation

13 Frase SEO content

Frase's AI capabilities in generating both long-form and short-form content were tested using specific templates to assess its performance.

For the long-form content test, the “How-To Blog Post” template was chosen. The title input was “How to write SEO content” with a Creativity level set at 3 out of 5. Upon generating the content, Frase produced a well-structured how-to post, though it lacked the depth and specificity an experienced writer might provide. However, it serves as a solid foundation for adding original insights.

Switching to short-form content, the “Value Proposition” template was selected to create a summary statement outlining how a product solves a customer problem. Frase used itself as the product and entered “content writing costs” under “Problem To Solve.” The output, while slightly verbose, effectively encapsulated Frase's capabilities and the reason businesses might consider using it.

These templates not only save considerable time but also assist in overcoming writer's block, providing a structured starting point for content creation.


20 frase Config page
Optimizing your content for organic search with Frase is a straightforward process.

To begin, access your document within the content editor and navigate to the Optimize tab located in the right-hand sidebar.

Within this section, you'll find a collection of keywords related to your primary target keyword. These keywords are sourced from the articles that currently rank on Google's first page for your target search query. Including these related terms in your content can enhance your chances of ranking for the same query.

As you incorporate more of these terms into your content, your optimization score increases, visible in the percentage bar at the top of the page. The yellow line on this bar indicates the average score of your top competitors. By surpassing this line, theoretically, you increase your likelihood of achieving a competitive ranking.

Frase provides three subscription options: Solo, Basic, and Team, each tailored with different usage limits but offering the same core functionalities such as automated content briefs, content scoring, and the content editor.

The Solo plan, priced at $14.99 per month (or $12.66/month if billed annually), suits occasional users who publish a few articles monthly. It includes 1 user seat and allows a maximum of 4 articles per month.

For those requiring more frequent content creation, the Basic plan at $44.99/month (or $38.25/month annually) offers 1 user seat with the capacity to write and optimize up to 30 articles monthly.

The Team plan, costing $114.99/month, caters to marketing agencies and teams, providing 3 user seats and the option to purchase additional seats for $25/month each. This plan offers unlimited article creation and optimization.

All plans have a 4,000 AI-generated word limit monthly, which can be upgraded with the Pro Add-On for an extra $35/month, providing unlimited AI words along with premium features like keyword search volumes and SERP data.

Frase does not offer a free plan but provides a 5-day trial for $1 to test out its functionalities.

Final thoughts

We've extensively tested various AI writing tools, and what sets Frase AI apart is its extensive range of features. With numerous native AI templates, a wealth of community-built tools, a chatbot, editing features, optimization suggestions, SEO tools, and more, Frase encompasses a wide array of functionalities.

Despite its comprehensive set of features, Frase remains incredibly user-friendly. Its AI-generated content output is notably impressive.

However, as advanced as it is, Frase isn't a complete substitute for an experienced writer yet. It serves best in expediting workflows and initial drafting but may require human editing or rewriting for final publication readiness.

To explore Frase's capabilities firsthand, you can sign up for a $1 trial.


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