Jenni AI: A Leading AI Resource for Enhancing Academic Writing

Jenni AI serves as a valuable companion for academic writing, offering a robust Document Editor featuring an intuitive interface. Users can effortlessly create quality outlines using the Outline Builder and maintain a seamless flow of ideas with the AI Autocomplete function.

The In-text Citations tool proves to be particularly useful, automatically generating citations and significantly enhancing the citation process compared to conventional word editors. Additionally, the Chat With Your PDF feature performs admirably, providing relevant data based on prompts and summarizing content effectively.

However, notable drawbacks include limited language support, as well as constraints on AI writing capabilities and requests (AskJenni) within the tool’s Free plan. Notably, our experience with the paraphrasing tools on AI Commands yielded unsatisfactory text generations across various test scenarios.

What Is Jenni AI?


Jenni AI stands as an AI-driven writing aid designed to support students, researchers, and educators in their academic writing endeavors. It excels in swiftly producing a variety of academic content, including essays, research papers, speeches, and literature reviews, offering customizable options to suit individual preferences. The platform provides a complimentary plan, allowing users to explore its fundamental functionalities.

Key features of Jenni AI encompass:

  • Generating academic and research-oriented content
  • Crafting customizable content outlines
  • Rewriting or paraphrasing text efficiently
  • Engaging in conversational interactions with PDF files
  • Formatting citations in multiple styles
  • Conducting plagiarism checks

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Reasons to consider Jenni AI:

Seeking an AI-based writing assistant tailored for academic assignments.
Streamlining research-based writing tasks efficiently using AI technology.
Requirement for generating content in diverse tones or styles.
Expedited information retrieval from PDF files.

Jenni AI might not suit individuals who:

Prefer a greater degree of control throughout the writing process.
Favor manual creation of intricate and highly technical content.
Seek a versatile AI writing assistant capable of handling a wide range of topics.

What Sets Jenni AI Apart

In contrast to Rytr, ProWritingAid, and ChatGPT, Jenni AI stands out for its proficiency in expediting academic writing endeavors such as essays, research proposals, and literature reviews. It offers an array of essential tools geared specifically towards research writing, including AI Autocomplete, In-text Citations, Outline Builder, and Chat With Your PDF. Notably, many of these functionalities are accessible even within the platform’s Free plan.

Getting Started With Jenni AI

The central feature of Jenni AI is its document editor, serving as the primary workspace for creating diverse academic content such as essays, research papers, and literature reviews.

Within the document editor, a convenient dashboard on the left displays recently created documents. To initiate new content creation, users can simply click on the “New document” button.

In a demonstration focused on creating an essay about the world's largest animals, we utilized the Outline Builder tool, which generated a structured outline based on the provided prompt.

The resulting outline showcased well-crafted headings, initiating with defining parameters for enormous animals and delving into key topics. Notably, it incorporated a conclusion heading to effectively conclude the essay.

Users can customize the hierarchy of headings by using the drag button on the left. However, the generated outline structure was deemed appropriate and coherent for the given task.

Upon testing with various prompts, the Outline Builder consistently impressed us with its ability to suggest relevant headings, showcasing its reliability in generating structured content.

AI Autocomplete

The AI Autocomplete feature in Jenni AI functions by automatically suggesting contextually relevant sentence structures or predicting subsequent word sequences as you write.

Once an outline is created, the tool promptly offers suggestions (highlighted in gray), allowing users to accept or view alternative suggestions. Selecting an option or exploring alternatives facilitates smoother writing processes.

Comparing the suggestions, it's advisable to opt for the first suggestion as it aligns more coherently with the topic, particularly as an introduction.

This feature consistently generates pertinent responses, fostering continuous ideation and enhancing writing efficiency. It demonstrates its capability by effortlessly completing sentences, as seen in the example provided.

In multiple trials, AI Autocomplete consistently delivered reliable text suggestions, positioning itself as a valuable addition to Jenni AI's array of writing tools.

AI Commands

Jenni AI's AI Commands feature serves as the primary tool for text generation and editing, offering capabilities to paraphrase, expand, simplify, shorten, or translate existing text. Accessible through the toolbar by selecting highlighted text, it provides options to adjust writing tones such as Academic, Casual, Persuasive, Bold, and Friendly.

In an attempt to modify the writing tone from casual to academic, the tool successfully expanded and refined the text with scholarly vocabulary upon choosing the Academic tone.

However, when trying to adjust the text to a friendlier tone, the tool didn't meet the intended requirement. Instead, it seemed to maintain an academic demeanor, similar to the previously selected Academic tone. In contrast, using ChatGPT demonstrated a more successful transformation, injecting a lively and informal tone into the text.

Further exploration into other writing tones like Casual, Persuasive, and Bold led to similar outcomes, with the text remaining academically oriented despite the selected tone.

Moreover, employing AI Commands for tasks like generating counterarguments or summaries resulted in unsatisfactory outcomes. The tool seemed to lengthen or paraphrase the text instead of incorporating a distinct opposing argument. In contrast, ChatGPT generated a comprehensive and contrasting argument, enhancing the original content.

After multiple trials with AI Commands' text generation capabilities, it became evident that the feature fell short of expectations. While proficient in adapting text for academic purposes, its other writing tones and text generation tools didn't effectively align with user prompts, leading to a disappointing overall experience.

In-Text Citations

Jenni AI's In-text Citations feature simplifies the automatic insertion of citations from a user's resource list in My Library or external online sources. Accessible either by typing “@” on the keyboard or through the toolbar, this feature seamlessly integrates citations into your content.

To assess its functionality, we utilized a paragraph generated earlier using AI Autocomplete and requested the AI to identify sources for the second sentence.

After reviewing the available journals, we selected a pertinent source and seamlessly integrated the citation into the text.

The final result demonstrated the successful incorporation of the chosen citation into the paper.


Jenni AI pricing plan

Jenni AI provides two primary pricing options:

Free Plan: Designed for users keen on exploring the platform's functionalities. It comprises a daily limit of 200 AI words, unrestricted PDF uploads on My Library, and access to the AI Autocomplete feature. Users can input citations into their content and tailor AI-generated written content via AI Commands.

Unlimited Plan: Tailored for students, researchers, and educators requiring an AI-powered academic writing assistant for their routine writing endeavors. Starting at $20 per month or $12 when billed annually, this tier encompasses all features of the Free plan along with unlimited AI words, priority support, and access to the platform's latest features.

Additionally, Jenni AI extends Enterprise Pricing tailored for research teams and universities, available upon request.

Final Thoughts On Jenni AI

Jenni AI is a helpful academic writing assistant with strong features like AI Autocomplete and In-text Citations. It's user-friendly and allows unlimited PDF uploads. However, it has limitations in paraphrasing accuracy and creativity, making it less suitable for casual content.

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