Kinguin Review – Is Kinguin Safe, Legit, Or Scam?

This review delves into the safety and legitimacy of Kinguin, examining whether it operates as a trustworthy platform or if it's potentially a scam.

Kinguin functions as a third-party online marketplace specializing in the exchange of game keys and other software licenses, boasting a user base exceeding 4 million individuals engaged in buying and selling game keys, including products like Microsoft Windows 10.

Since its inception in 2013, Kinguin has emerged as a significant player in the secondary market for purchasing Steam, Battle.Net, and Origin keys at discounted rates.

The platform caters to a diverse user base, offering accessibility in multiple languages, including French, Portuguese, Spanish, and four other international languages. Kinguin's rise in popularity has sparked increased interest in the development of gaming marketplaces.

Kinguin Overview

Kinguin serves as an extensive online marketplace where you can both purchase and sell digital items such as video games, software, and gift cards. It stands out as an ideal destination for securing excellent deals on a wide array of gaming options, software solutions, and digital vouchers.

With a vast assortment of products spanning major gaming platforms like PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, Kinguin offers a diverse catalog allowing users to easily explore and discover their desired games.

Moreover, Kinguin's inventory extends beyond gaming, encompassing various software types, including antivirus programs, office suites, and more. Additionally, for those seeking gift cards or other digital products, Kinguin provides a comprehensive selection.

The platform prides itself on user-friendliness, complemented by a responsive customer service team available to address any inquiries promptly. Their secure payment system ensures a confident purchasing experience.

Furthermore, Kinguin sweetens the deal by offering free shipping on orders surpassing $30 and a hassle-free 30-day return policy.

In summary, Kinguin emerges as a commendable online marketplace for securing enticing bargains on digital merchandise. Whether it's video games, software, or gift cards, Kinguin stands as a reliable destination catering to various digital needs.

However, considering the complexity of ensuring security and attracting a substantial number of visitors, the creation of a Kinguin-like platform demands the expertise of a reputable and seasoned marketplace development firm.

While the minimum age requirement for registering an account with Kinguin is 16, underage individuals can sign up with parental or guardian consent.

Kinguin’s Buyers' Protection

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Given Kinguin's nature as a third-party marketplace primarily catering to gamers, there exists a potential risk of acquiring illegal or non-functional product keys. This has been evidenced by instances where gamers had their license keys revoked by Ubisoft due to the purchase of keys from unauthorized sources, including hackers who obtained and resold Ubisoft game keys using stolen credit card information. However, in a gesture of goodwill, Ubisoft allowed affected gamers to retain their keys.

Acknowledging the prevalent risk associated with purchasing products from potentially fraudulent sellers, Kinguin has introduced a solution in the form of ‘Buyer Protection.' While incurring an additional cost, this service guarantees buyers either receiving certified working products or securing a 100% refund in cases where fake product keys are purchased. This Buyer Protection aims to offer assurance to consumers amid the prevalence of questionable sellers within the marketplace.

Is Kinguin Legit?

Kinguin is a legally registered third-party gamers marketplace, and it does put in place checks to verify sellers on its platform to reduce the chances of sellers scamming buyers. In as much as Kinguin is a legit marketplace, sellers' activities are not under check; however, buyers are encouraged to use ‘Kinguin’s Buyers Protection’ to guard against scams and fake product keys. You may be wondering if is Kinguin legit. While there are many legit sellers on the Kinguin marketplace, there are also a few who are not.

Here are the things you should look for when purchasing your Kinguin.

  • Listed below are some tips to make your Kinguin buying experience a pleasant one.
  • Avoid buying game keys from unknown sellers. Many Kinguin sellers are simply not trustworthy. These people could be anywhere.
  • Kinguin does not background check their sellers.

Therefore, you're responsible for any problems you may encounter. It's also not worth it if the seller does not deliver what they promised.

You can also buy games directly from the developer or through legitimate channels. But if you're not sure if the seller is legit, you can opt for the Buyer Protection program.

When buying games, always remember that pirated software is not legit. Some games are cracked or do not support online multiplayer gaming. If you're planning to purchase Windows software, you should purchase it from an authorized seller.

Although many scam websites are offering cracked software, you can be sure that a product that's not legit will never work. In addition, Kinguin does not verify the identity of the seller or the origin of the product.

If you're worried about purchasing from Kinguin, you may want to contact the company's customer support team to check if the seller is legit.

If you're not able to get a refund or your key has expired, you can take advantage of the Buyers Protection Program. If your key is fake or expired, Kinguin will refund you in full. If you have a question, contact them right away.

Is Kinguin Legit For Software And Game Keys?

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Kinguin's legitimacy hinges on adhering to the boundaries of lawful resale of legitimately purchased items, aligning it with other reputable grey eCommerce platforms like G2P and CDKeys. Its core purpose revolves around facilitating the resale of software keys obtained through legal means.

The platform operates on the fundamental principle that individuals have the right to handle purchased items as they see fit, thereby permitting the resale of software licenses acquired legitimately. However, Kinguin explicitly prohibits the sale of keys procured through illegal means such as theft, fraud, or data breaches.

Kinguin diligently verifies the originality and legitimacy of software keys before allowing their sale on its platform. This meticulous scrutiny ensures that only legally obtained licenses are circulated, underscoring the platform's commitment to curbing the distribution of fraudulent or faulty software.

Moreover, Kinguin assumes the responsibility of mitigating the sales and dissemination of illegitimate software, contributing to a safer digital marketplace for consumers.

Beyond its dedication to ethical practices, Kinguin upholds its legitimacy through robust security measures and stringent privacy policies. These measures are designed to safeguard users' data, ensuring a secure and private environment for all individuals engaging with the platform.

Is Kinguin Safe And Secure?

Before purchasing game codes from Kinguin, the primary consideration revolves around the platform's safety and security measures. Kinguin's assurance of buyer protection against potential risks such as trolls, fake sellers, and scammers underscores its commitment to safeguarding users.

Despite some drawbacks associated with procuring game codes from Kinguin, notably originating from discounted markets, they still present a cost-effective alternative compared to original prices, making them a viable option.

The origin of Kinguin codes varies, ranging from discounted markets to inadvertent sellers, insiders, or even game developers. However, Kinguin assumes the role of a mediator, striving to vet and ensure the legitimacy of all sellers operating on its platform.

In cases where doubts persist regarding a seller's legitimacy, seeking guidance from alternative sources like online forums and message boards can provide additional reassurance. Kinguin's efforts to maintain competitive prices further bolster its credibility as a secure avenue for purchasing games and game keys.

While Kinguin maintains a reputation for safety and security, it's crucial to exercise caution with financial transactions. While legality generally supports Kinguin in most countries, reputable sellers typically display badges and ratings on the website, signaling their legitimacy.

Emphasizing the importance of dealing exclusively with credible sellers who offer refund policies for dissatisfied buyers is paramount. The prevalence of scammers necessitates vigilance against enticing offers that could result in purchases without receiving the intended items.

Kinguin establishes itself as a secure online marketplace, emphasizing the confidentiality and protection of financial details shared with the platform. Assurances regarding the non-disclosure of customer data to third parties reinforce Kinguin's commitment to ensuring the safety of credit card information and financial transactions. Hence, transactions conducted on Kinguin are upheld as safe and secure.

What You Can Buy On Kinguin?

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Kinguin operates as a platform offering game keys and various product keys at significantly reduced prices compared to authorized marketplaces. However, it's important to note that the origins of these keys sold by different sellers on Kinguin may vary and cannot always be verified.

Some sellers acquire product keys through legitimate channels, such as promotional offers or residing in regions where keys are available at discounted rates. However, there's a possibility that other sellers might engage in illegitimate practices, including the procurement of keys for resale using illegally obtained credit card details.

The Kinguin platform provides access to an extensive range of product keys, including titles for Battle.Net (e.g., World of Warcraft, Diablo IV, StarCraft II, Call of Duty), Epic Games (e.g., Fortnite, Spyjinx, Battle Breakers), Steam (e.g., Destiny 2, Divinity: Original Sin), GOG.COM games, Nintendo, NC Soft, among others. Additionally, non-gaming products like Windows 10 OS, Microsoft Office Suite, graphics software, and more are available on the platform.

Kinguin serves as a marketplace where users can find a diverse selection of keys for various games and software, often at significantly discounted rates. However, it's essential for buyers to be aware of the potential risk involved in purchasing keys from sellers whose sources might not always be verifiable or legal.


Kinguin stands as a legitimate online marketplace offering enticing discounts on video games and various digital content. Nonetheless, similar to any online platform, there's an inherent risk, prompting a need for caution before completing purchases. Despite this, Kinguin generally maintains a trustworthy reputation, yet buyers should exercise vigilance.

While the legality of sources supplying products on Kinguin remains ambiguous, the platform itself retains its legitimacy, providing buyers access to affordably priced product keys for games and software.

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