U7Buy: Expanding Game Services and Prioritizing Safety and Speed for Gamers

U7Buy, an international provider of services for online gaming, initially focused on limited offerings for popular MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. Over time, it expanded its services to encompass a diverse range of games such as FIFA 16 Ultimate, Madden NFL 16, ArcheAge, and Elder Scrolls Online.

U7Buy's commitment to their motto, “Spend Less, Get More,” is reflected in their consistently competitive pricing below the market average. Their clientele has steadily increased each year due to their emphasis on swiftness and safety in transactions. They prioritize minimizing risks to customers' accounts while efficiently delivering the desired in-game items.

What is U7Buy?

U7buyut stands as a trustworthy platform specializing in the rapid and secure sale of FIFA coins. It offers four distinct methods for selling coins: Comfort Trade, Player Trade, API, and selling coins along with your FIFA account. At U7buyut, users have the flexibility to select their preferred selling method and can initiate coin sales any day of the year, 365 days, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

U7Buy Product

U7BUY - Trusted Pioneer in Global Digital World

U7buy specializes in vending virtual currency for almost 50 online games. Its catalog includes a spectrum of titles, spanning from recent releases like ArcheAge to long-standing favorites such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, as well as specific sports games like NFL 16 and NBA 2K16. Additionally, the platform offers power leveling services, item sales, and account transactions, albeit for a limited selection of games.


While not widely recognized among gamers, u7buy is striving to establish itself as a cost-effective vendor for virtual currency. Surpassing many reputable sellers in affordability, it appeals to budget-conscious gamers seeking better deals. The platform offers slight discounts through specific actions, such as a 3% discount code for liking their Facebook page, and during special occasions like Black Friday, where a site-wide 15% discount was available. Moreover, loyalty rewards and additional discounts contribute to further reducing prices. Positive reviews often highlight the site's competitive pricing as a major point of satisfaction for customers.

Shopping and Payment

The shopping process at u7buy may feel complex for those accustomed to streamlined transaction systems. It involves more clicking before reaching the payment stage, which can be cumbersome, especially for customers using small mobile screens. However, the shopping cart feature facilitates multiple purchases, easing the process to some extent. Although payment options are somewhat limited, having an internationally accepted credit card helps overcome this hurdle. Notably, the site is transparent about its refund policies, a notable departure from other sellers who often lack clarity in this area.

U7Buy Speed

U7buy boasts a remarkable delivery speed of virtual currency, often completing transactions within just 15 minutes, a noteworthy feat for a less recognized platform. This speedy service implies access to dependable gold suppliers, particularly for the highly demanded games prominently featured on their homepage. However, the duration for power leveling services varies, spanning from a few days to over a week, contingent upon the specific game requested.

Customer Service

Like the norm in the industry, u7buy primarily relies on 24/7 chat support as its main customer service channel. However, seeking assistance through other means might result in frustrations. Email support for purchases, for example, operates within limited hours and responses may take up to 36 hours, potentially causing inconvenience for gamers dealing with urgent raids or auction house transactions due to delivery complications. Resolving complaints related to purchasing gold, power leveling, and items takes even longer, with a promised maximum turnaround time of 3 days, prompting gamers to hope their orders encounter no issues to avoid prolonged waits and inconvenience.


In conclusion, u7buy stands out in the gaming industry as a platform offering a wide array of virtual currency and services for numerous popular games. With competitive pricing and swift delivery of virtual currency within 15 minutes for certain titles, it appeals to budget-conscious gamers seeking efficiency. However, while their 24/7 chat support aligns with industry standards, other customer service channels like email support may lead to frustrations due to longer response times, potentially affecting urgent in-game activities. Despite these drawbacks, u7buy's transparent refund policies and emphasis on reliability in delivering virtual currency contribute positively to its appeal among gamers seeking affordable gaming solutions.

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